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 Welcome to Cal-Bri Farms' Babydoll sheep

Family-Friendly Sheep Farm

Our farm is located in Beaver Dam, WI and is home to a flock of Old English Baby Doll South Down Sheep. They are a miniature breed of sheep that are also known as the smiley sheep.

Our farm was started by my daughter choosing two ewes to show in her 4H project.  We immediately fell in love with their adorable smiles and sweet disposition. It didn't take long for us to decide to start a flock of our own.

We now successfully show on a local and state level.  We also take our sheep into local nursing homes to socialize with its residents.  All of our sheep can be registered with OEBMSSR, NABSSAR or both.  

We are proud members of:

  1. Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative

  2. North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association & Registry

  3. Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry


Old English Babydoll Sheep,
the sheep that will make you smile back!

It did not take us long at all, to full in love with this breed of sheep.  They have so many wonderful qualities that I'm sure you'll love as well. To learn more about them please read below.


Their Small Size

Babydolls are considered a miniature breed of sheep. An adult Babydoll is 18" to 24" at the shoulder.  Their small size makes them much easier to handle and house. There are many benefits of having smaller sheep such as back yard grass mowers, pets, and weed controllers in vineyards and orchards. Their small size and efficient metabolism requires less acreage per animal compared to other breeds of sheep.  They also make great 4H projects for children.



We have found that the babydolls have a very sweet and docile disposition.  For this reason, they are often kept as pets and once again work great for kids 4H project.  They are very calm and easy to work with.  When they see us in the yard they always come to greet us with a smile. We have even worked with a few that enjoy going into resident homes or other similar facilities.  In the picture is Leia greeting one of the residents.


Hardiness and Poductivity

They may be small, but don't let their size fool you, they are also a very hardy sheep. They are great at foraging and do well on small amounts of quality hay. 

They do have strong flocking instincts, which means they tend not to wander away. Due to their strong flocking instinct it is not advised to have only one.  They will not do well on their own. 

The life span of a babydoll is 15-16 years. They have great mothering abilities, tend to lamb without difficulty, and known to have twins.

Babydolls' are considered a dual purpose breed.  They are used for both their wool and meat.  Their wool is a fine wool that is short in length (typically 1.5-2.5 inches) and springy.  The micron count typically ranges from 24 to 29. They may be small but are very stout. They produce a excellent carcass quality and flavorful meat.


Our Sheep

Meet the Flock

We are just starting out in our adventures so our flock is small but growing.  As a certified Veterinary Technician I strive to breed for health and conformation. This year we bred two ewes Leia and Ace of Spades.  To learn more about them and what came of our adventures read below.  We also have another ewe that we did not breed.  Her name is Demi. We chose not to breed her because we feel she is to young.  We prefer and recommend waiting until their second cycle to breed.  We look forward to breeding her in the fall of 2019. New additions to the farm Chip our new stud ram and Snicker Doodles an off-white ewe lamb.  Look for their new updated information soon.


Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades is a mature RR ewe that has had a lot of twins.  She is black in color that has faded with age.  She is 23" and a wonderful mother who has twins.   In 2018 she gave me two handsome rams "Poe" and "Kylo", and in 2019 she gave a handsome ram named Echo (lost twin during pregnancy) who shined in the showring. See Echos page to learn more. Ace will be bred again in October to Chip this fall.



Leia is our pride and joy.  She is my sheep of choice for nursing home visits.  She has been shown three years in a row on a state and county level.  On a county level she has won first blue for wool breeds as a spring ewe lamb, a yearling and a mature ewe. On a state level she had won grand champion for babydoll breed as a spring ewe lamb and a yearling. She is an off-white RR ewe that stands at 22" tall.  2018 was her first year breeding and surprised me with twins a black ewe and off-white ram. She will be bred again this October and can't wait to see her new lambs in spring of 2020. We will be retaining one ewe from her.



Echo, is one of our two show rams and is codon RR.  He was born to Ace of Spades and Lando a fuller bred ram.  Echo showed as a spring ram on a county level.  He impressed us all.  He won first blue in spring ram wool breed.  He then moved into the overall round which he competed against not only wool breed but meat and commercial breeds.  He won reserve champion. He was also entered into the wool breeding flock competition with our Snicker Doodles and Demi.  They all won grand champion.  He also went into a breeding pair competition with Snickerdoodles and once again won grand champion.  His next show is coming up which will be a state show can't wait to see how he does.  He is available for sale but if not sold will be bred to Demi.


Poe Dameron

Poe is one of our own born to Ace of Spades and (Keenan) Lando in 2018.  He is a handsome black babydoll RR ram.  He showed for the first time in 2018 and on a county level he won first blue for a spring wool breed ram.  On a state level he won reserved champion for overall baby doll rams, losing to his dad who took grand champion. He was bred to Leia and had two beautiful babies we named Ameilia Earhardt and Gandolph. We were in a need of a wether so we did wether him this year.



Demi is a yearling ewe. She is one of our show girls as well. She has shown on a state level and won reserve champion for the babydoll breed.  Her first year showing on county level gave her first blue for wool breeds. This year as a yearling she won first blue as a yearling wool breed again.  She was also entered into a breeding flock competition with Echo and Snicker Doodles and won grand champion.  This will be her first year breeding this fall and will be bred with Echo.  She is our only sheep that is NABSSAR registered only.  The rest are dual registered.


Snicker Doodles

Snicker Doodles is a RR spring ewe. She will not be bred until Fall 2020 inorder to be physically and mentally mature enough to handle motherhood.  She is one of our show girls.  She showed on a county level this year.  She won first blue for spring ewe wool breed.  We also entered her into breeding pair competiton with Echo and together they won grand Champion.  Then we entered her into a breeding flock wool breed competion with Echo and Demi, where they won grand champion.  We will be showing her on a state level so look forward to seeing how she does. pic to come soon


Give us a call today if you would like more information on our sheep.

W7816 Hemlock Rd
Beaver Dam, Dodge County 53916


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